Talking to Sruti ended up being a Eureka moment for me. She helped me think through the career goals in terms of a passion for a problem I want to solve in the world. She pushed me to think one step ahead and go beyond canned responses to questions.

— James K, applying to MBA programs

It has been years since I've updated my resume, and it is such a relief having a resource like this to provide guidance. You helped me bring my resume back on its A game!

— Sharon Y, applying to MBA programs

After months of conflicting advice from peers and friends, it's been incredibly helpful to receive clear, effective feedback on how to restructure and enhance my resume! Working with VersionTwo really elevated my marketability as a candidate—I've seen a world of difference in the responses to my applications.

— Priyanka P, applying for writing roles

Sruti helped me strengthen my (previously generic and passable) resume by helping me specify the quantitative results and metrics behind my projects. She also enhanced my resume by framing my message with more industry specific terms and encouraged me to focus on high level projects/skills that are transferable across different industries.

— Natalie B, applying for marketing roles