Job hunting is a skill that should be accessible to everyone.


Sruti Bharat, Founder

After spending countless hours helping my friends and acquaintances edit resumes, cover letters, and personal statements, I realized that accomplished twenty-somethings often get stuck a couple years out of college trying to figure out the next step. Most of us don't have access to career centers or counselors any more, and there have been so many times when I've wished that I could ask someone legit (who isn't my friend!) for realistic feedback.  After setting myself up to get into business school and spending hours on my basic job application skills, I (and my peers) have honed our own coaching abilities. At this point, we’ve coached countless peers, interviewed hundreds of people, and talked to just as many about their hopes and dreams. We do this for our friends; now we just want to make it accessible, affordable, and actionable.  

Kellogg School of Management,  2019
UC Berkeley Engineering & English, 2012 

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