Job hunting, soul searching, tired of the 9-5, or relating hard to Susan memes? Do something about that quarter-life crisis today.

VersionTwo provides self-paced, virtual career coaching programs to recent college grads making big career moves.


Are you…

  • Frustrated with your current job or lack thereof?

  • Trying to make a career transition but not sure how to go about it?

  • Tired of getting advice from your parents (who haven’t job hunted in this century last you checked)?

  • Feeling jaded, unmotivated, and stuck?

We’ve got your back.

Job hunting sucks…but we know how to navigate it.

Our coaches are trained MBA’s who will lead you through practical steps you need to get prepared for an effective job hunt. As MBA graduates, we’ve been through this before ourselves, work in the industries you’re interested in, AND know how to keep this practical and actionable.

“It was really helpful talking to someone outside of my family and friends and coworkers about my job hunt.”
— AK, 25, looking for UX roles

Our Story

VersionTwo was founded by an MBA student who, after editing countless friends' and acquaintances' resumes, realized that they needed work!